I tried out a lot of brownie recipes, but I find this one to be perfect, so much that it stuck with me now. 

Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

The best praise I could ever get, was a comment from my friend, that was asking me after tasting: ”Did you get it from BYTE? 😊(it is a very popular bakery network in Hungary, that is very famous for its cinnabons)”.

Zucchini fritters

It is really one of my favorite dishes of all times. I like it as on each occasion you can make it a little bit different. 

Broccoli cream soup

It is one of the first cream soups that I’ve tried to make at home, so probably that is why is stays one of my favorites.

Pan-fried Sea bream and sea bass fillet with glazed carrots

I saw this beautiful and fresh fish in the supermarket and I couldn’t resist. Here in Hungary people usually don’t like to eat fish and you can rarely buy it in ordinary shops. It is common to eat salmon, catfish or carp, but in general that’s all the assortment. So, I was really happy when…

Meat ragout with mushrooms

Minced meat is one of the most common ingredients in most of our foods and portions. This dish is an alternative to Bolognese ragout which I love to eat, but sometimes it is good to have a new perspective on a beloved meal. By adding more vegetables, it becomes more healthier and gives it more…

Barbecue ribs with coleslaw

What can I say…I think most of the people on this planet love at least one of these meals. If I should pick one, probably I would go for coleslaw, but of course, they are going very well together too.

Foie Gras Pâté on Brioche with Red Onion Jam

Having guests and not in the mood for last minute food prep? You can treat them with delicacy that will be remembered yet prepared few days in advance! Check this out: Foie Gras Pâté on Brioche with Red Onion Jam Take my word for it, they will be lost for words! ‘cause its yummmyyy

Cashew Milk Panna Cotta with Kiwi

Kiwi, exotic fruit with quite peculiar taste. It can be made milder if added on top of layer of neutral creamy cashew milk Panna Cotta. The mix is not only good looking but light dessert that goes well after any food. Try it.

Topfa Feingeback

Topfa Feingeback, or as I would rather call it: Valentines heart-shaped cheesecake. You all know Valentines is coming up! So why not make a simple and tasty cheese cake. Heart-shaped! Great to share, just like love…

Coconut based turkey curry

No chicken, no problem. Found some turkey and a lot of curry. Decided to try how the two go together…As I discovered – well, indeed! This version of curry incorporates coconut milk to provide a creamy contrast with the mildly but full of character spicy sauce. The ginger, the coconut and the Asian spices are…

Strudel with various fillings

Original plan: make the apple strudel. Twist: found a bunch of leftovers in the fridge! Never throw away, utilize! 3 versions of strudel: My favorite, cabbage and brussel sprouts, spiced with lemon zest. mmmmmmm Greek version with cottage cheese and spinach spiced with green onions and dill. Best goes with Greek yoghurt Der Apfelstrudel, sweet…